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    in Bilecik

    First Day

    If you start your visit in the city centre, you might want to see the Bilecik Museum to explore the city’s cultural heritage. After a quick tour in the city centre and some window shopping, you can take a car and discover Söğüt -the hometown of Ottoman Empire. For lunch, you may want to try the traditional lentil dumplings followed by the famous quince dessert. Then you may prefer to go to one of the ecovillages in order to explore the Turkish country life as well as the craftsmanship. Don’t forget to look around while you drive, so that you will not miss any of the monuments on the road. After you finish your tour, try another traditional restaurant –if you don’t fancy pastry, you might want to try the quail’s kebab.

    Second Day

    Bilecik stands out especially with its fertile soil and diverse fauna and flora. So, you might want to start your day with a pottery workshop in Kınık village, then shape a course to one of the city’s natural beauties such as Harmankaya Canyon Nature Park, İnhisar Waterfall, Kınık Waterfall and Kömürsu Plateau. After this long day, you may want to have a light dinner and go back to the hotel early. However, remember to taste boza, the region’s least immanent specialty.